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Track projects & progress

HouseRater Web is the central hub of all your energy rating data. Users can access stored site visits, photos, and data points from any web browser or location with an internet connection. HouseRater Web works in real time with HouseRater Mobile’s auto data-sync feature, so your office staff has data from field raters immediately after synchronizing.

Exchange & store modeling information

HouseRater Web integrates with industry-leading energy modeling engines from Ekotrope, REM/Rate, and the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

HouseRater Web’s modeling integration begins with an XML file exchange that cuts data entry by 90% vs. using modeling software alone. The HouseRater team and their partners continue the work on complete end-to-end integration solutions that save time and streamline processes for RESNET Providers and Raters.

Ekotrope RATER is the most widely used HERS Rating software in the US and leverages NASA-developed technology to measure new and used homes’ energy performance.

REM/Rate is residential energy modeling software that provides rigorous solutions for HERS Rating, utility/green program analysis, and automated compliance verification with International Energy Conservation Codes.

NREL EnergyPlus®
NREL EnergyPlus is the open-source gold standard of energy modeling engines that requires a console-based interface to use. HouseRater Web’s integration will provide the consolidated energy rating data and intuitive interface to make the engine user-friendly.*

Make reporting & reviews easier

Creates client consulting reports

HouseRater Web allows Raters to access and analyze over 1,200 data points for each house, and use that information to generate understandable and timely consulting reports for their clients. These building consulting reports can be customized to include:

  • HERS Rating results
  • Compliance with local energy codes
  • Calculated energy savings
  • Quality Control and process improvement suggestions
  • Inspection and verification photos
  • Compliance with energy programs such as ENERGY STAR® and LEED®

HouseRater Web also supports advanced ENERGY STAR checklists with file documentation and custom national or regional program checklists.

Generates compliance certificates

The data collected from field inspections and energy modeling is combined in HouseRater Web to provide a clear snapshot of overall building performance. Raters, Builders, and Utilities can use this data to track performance and identify trends. Users can create and store custom exports, or can easily export their data using HouseRater Web’s pre-designed templates.

Export options include:

  • Energy program status tracking
  • Tracking utility rebate programs from enrollment to completion
  • Generating program compliance certificates
  • Quality Control and process improvement suggestions
  • ENERGY STAR verification
  • Program implementation & statistics reporting

NEW! Custom reporting

Custom reporting allows users to upload an existing report pdf template and specify the data points to autofill with project data. You can also add digital signatures and custom data collection notes.


Allows QA providers to perform QA inspections and generate QA review reports.

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Supports organizations with smart features.

Secures access to information

HouseRater Web allows Inspectors, Raters, Providers, Builders and Utility staff to access and manage the extensive data tracked in the application. User access controls ensure only authorized users can access relevant data.

  • Raters and Providers have access to specific inspection data, field observations, and photo documentation. Providers can see energy modeling files, floor plans and more.
  • Builders have access to program enrollment, house inspection data, building consulting reports and builder rebate programs
  • Utilities have access to program status from enrollment through completion, including real-time energy savings, rebates earned, and forecasted totals.

Scales with your organization

HouseRater Web scales instantly as your rating company grows. HouseRater deploys its powerful tools using custom built cloud servers, so you have unlimited space for photo and file documentation.

Simplifies communication

Keeping tabs on job supervisors and builder client staff is easy in HouseRater. Your team shares access to add and manage builder email addresses, and the app automatically selects the right recipients to receive the PDF reports generated for each house.

HouseRater also gives your schedulers powerful tools for coordinating staff for daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Visits automatically appear in the mobile app for each user, including address, previously collected test data, and notes for reinspection, as soon as office staff confirm the day’s outlook.

Provides multiple levels of customer support

HouseRater supports customers with helpful guides containing step by step instructions and maintains a library of advanced guides and webinars on more complex topics. Developer support is available within the app, and over live chat during business hours.

Includes software updates

HouseRater continues to be under rapid development by our Minnesota (US) based team that is passionate about residential energy efficiency. New features are frequently released, and our developers are committed to making improvements for an unparalleled user experience.

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Office: 651-200-3414

© 2022 HouseRater, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
HouseRater is a registered trademark of Gates Enterprises, LLC.
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